Minimalism is a conscious social decision to not be like everyone else. It urges us to shed unnecessary layers and care less about the temporary. It is an intentional life journey that means different things to different people. To us, minimalism represents the "luxury of less".

Our brand of minimalism is reflected in our design aesthetic, choice of materials and build quality. We are intentionally designing furniture to simplify our manufacturing process, eliminate waste and reduce cost.

We make our brand of minimalism achievable by making our products durable, functional, beautiful. We ignore design trends and follow only the 'brief'.  The 'brief' allows us to apply our brand to projects and products that clearly project the luxury of less.

The luxury of owning less solves a major consumer problem as it focuses on investing in quality, functionality and beauty. Consider our furniture as the first step towards the freedom of your own brand of minimalism. One that is unique to you and achievable.